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Faith Without Borders Book Giveaway

Goodreads Book Giveaway Faith Without Borders by Virginia Martin
 Giveaway ends  December 07, 2016.

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Virginia Martin's heartfelt, personal testimony in Faith Without Borders describes God's powerful influence in her life. It is an inspirational book of devotions, uplifting words of wisdom, scriptural references, and points for reflection that are sources of strength and encouragement. 

Faith Without Borders is a devotional for those starting out, wondering about Christianity, lost or struggling along their path. It encourages you to step out in faith, so that God can meet you in all the places that you need him.

Book Review: Falling For You At Christmas by Kristin Wallace

Falling For You At Christmas (a holiday novella): Shellwater Key Tales by Kristin Wallace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Falling For You At Christmas is a sweet romance that is a fun, easy, and quick read. Cassie and Jared are two people not looking or thinking of love, yet fate has them meet a few days before Christmas. Cassie is an expectant mother who is worried about raising a baby on her own, and goes to Shellwater Key for some peace and quiet. Jared is a divorced innkeeper who has a young daughter, and no time for romance. However, despite their efforts, Cassie and Jared cannot deny the attraction between them, and the magic of the season brings them hope, love and a new bundle of joy.

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"JUST BE" - Inspirational Poem

Poetry in Motion Series

Be inspired
You are going to need a bigger bucket list
Be Unstoppable
I will light up every room I walk into
Be ready for unforgettable moments
On to the "CAN DO"
Be grateful
Write on: Let's make today fun
Be new with a bright idea
Clearly show the world to love life
Be a breeze to someone
Your freedom starts with 17 different things to do
Be bold to start over
I am dreaming of seeing the world
Be on fire: You can do anything
Tell me a story with word power
Be a faithful scribe
Stick with it: Make hope happen
Be the difference
Think again: Pray more
Be in the moment

Writing Basics: Sensory Lists and Descriptive Words

My first experience in learning the writing craft was attending a writing class several years ago.  The class was taught by B.J. Tiernan,author ofStanding On A Whale.  She had the class do a writing exercise of five sensory lists.  The purpose of this exercise was to go back to the list when doing descriptions in your writing. B.J. said to assume every reader is blind, so you need to use description when you write. The reader wants details and can connect to you better if you do: "Show, don't tell". 
Sensory Lists These are five sensory lists and my responses to them as they relate to me. 
1. Things that are magical - rainbow, unicorn, gazebo, shooting star, full moon
2. Favorite Smells - scented candles, freshly brewed coffee, baked brownies, roses, hand/body lotion
3. Sounds I love - rain, wind chimes, piano, ocean, music box
4. Favorite Sights - watching people dance, ice skating, snow globe, sunset, sunrise
5. Favorite Feels - soft hands, cashmere, raised lettering, kiss, w…

7 Tips To Make Your Writing Memorable

1. Write from your heart 2. Choose your words carefully 3. Have a meaning and a message 4. Connect to the reader 5. Draw from experiences 6. Let it be inspirational/motivational 7. Make it easy to share with others 

What are some tips you can share?

Spirit of Gratitude

(Inspirational Series)
Joel Osteen is a well-known pastor and speaker. His church is the LakewoodChurch in Houston, Texas. I find his messages to be inspirational, comforting and uplifting. I watched a broadcast of one of his sermons today on DVD. His message was about “gratitude and being thankful for the gift of today”.  He said to find things in your life to be grateful for instead of complaining about what you do not have or situations you have no control over. In our every day lives there are many things that we can get mad, sad or upset about. The trick is to change our attitude to a more positive one and see the good in things instead of the bad. Human beings tend to gravitate to the negative and worry or stress about the worse of things. However, with just a little discipline every day, when we start to get agitated about someone or something, we need to adjust our way of thinking and pray to God for the strength to overcome that feeling and move on. Let go of that side of you …

My Reviews of Favorite Books on Goodreads

Returning for Valentine's by Victoria Pinder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this short, entertaining, sweet romance. It was a fun to read story, with a message to never give up on love.

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Whispers: Being with God in Breath Prayers by Jean Wise
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book enlightened my understanding of what a breath prayer is and the purpose it plays in one's life. Breath prayers are an excellent way to get spiritual peace, and have a closer relationship with God. The author takes the reader step by step on how to practice breath prayers, as well as explains the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of doing so. The examples given of breath prayers are excellent, and ones you can incorporate in your life right away, and make some of your own in the process. I especially loved the author's use of quotes to emphasize the thought of prayer and its significance in the life…

Works In Progress

I am currently working on an inspirational poetry book, romance novella, a spiritual journal and a study guide for my devotional.

These are the tentative book covers for each:

Seasons: Poetry Book
Art by David Sandum

Revenge of the Anointed: Romance Novella

Art by Maria Tusa

Faith Without Borders Study Guide:

A Spiritual Journal for the Reflective Soul:

There is more information to come soon...stay tuned.

Goodreads Book Giveaway: Faith Without Borders Devotional

Goodreads Book Giveaway Faith Without Borders by Virginia Martin Giveaway ends July 06, 2016.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway

Enter to win 1 of 5 signed copies of my devotional, Faith Without Borders. 

Faith Without Borders is a devotional that reaches out to those in need of comfort, healing, renewal, transformation, faith and hope. I share my testimony to God’s grace using simple readings, uplifting bible verses, poetry, affirmations and points for reflection. 

This devotional encourages you to let God in your life so that he can meet you in all the places that you need him. Faith Without Borders is a timeless devotional that can be read over and over again, inspiring you to step out in faith, and start or continue your own spiritual journey. 

T.R.E.A.S.U.R.E. In Marriage: Guest Post by Warren Baldwin

Warren and his wife Cheryl live in West Kansas. They have a grown son and daughter and another daughter still at home. Warren and Cheryl have ministered with churches in Florida, Wyoming and Kansas. They have been married for 27 years. Warren's book, "Roaring Lions, Cracking Rocks, and Other Gems from Proverbs" is an inspirational journey from Proverbs and is on Amazon

Jesus said, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Luke 12:34). Jesus applies this principle of treasure to spiritual things: if our hearts are devoted to God and Christ, we can give up our earthly possessions for the good of others and the glory of the kingdom. In giving our hearts to heaven we place our treasure there: our time, energy and money. Everything we are and everything we have is devoted to the pursuit of heaven.
Dr. Debbie Cherry, a marriage counselor, applies this principle of "treasuring" very creatively to marriage. An experience common to all married co…

Give Yourself Permission

Written Works Collection: Poetry

Give Yourself Permission To:
Laugh out loud Enjoy the crowd Do a little dance Give life a chance Sleep in late Vegetate Fall in love Not work so hard Love yourself Not hurt so much Live carefree Be who you are Reach for the stars
In your writing life, what do you have to give yourself permission to do?
This post first appeared in my former blog, The Writer Today.

Book Review: A Work In Progress by Staci Stallings

Rebecca Avery is a college student who does not have much self confidence, sees herself as ordinary, and keeps to herself most of the time. She has a roommate in college, Holly, who to Rebecca, is one of the "beautiful" people and out of her league. Rebecca meets Eric Barnett, a nice, handsome guy in her Psychology class. Eric is battling a few "demons" of his own and aims to please everyone, at the cost of his own dreams.  They both get thrown together unexpectedly, leading to an unusual friendship, a love triangle and more complications than either of them can handle. Falling in love was not part of the plan. 
I enjoyed this book because it speaks to those of us who have felt inadequate, unworthy and unloved.  It brings forth that we all need to  look at our innermost selves to find answers and opening our life to God will bring its own spiritual reward.  

This review first appeared on my former website "My Writing Self"


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All writers infuse their work with a little of their own personality and voice, no matter the genre. But few genres allow a writer more freedom to express themselves and connect with readers than the personal essay.
A well-crafted essay about an experience from your life can strike a chord with readers, whether it’s a humorous or sad incident. We all have those memories of disastrous family vacations, awkward high school experiences, or people who have made a lasting impact on our lives.
Journals can be a helpful tool to write a meaningful essay. I know that when I go back and read my old journals, I’m almost instantly sent back in time to a particular event or period of my life. Even if the words on the page don’t tell the whole story, I can remember what was going t…

Faith Without Borders Book Promotion

My devotional, Faith Without Borders, is being promoted by 

America Star Books ( at the 

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books,

next month on April 9th and April 10th. My book will also be 

featured in the Hot Indy Author Guide that will be displayed 

and distributed during the event. God is good and His timing 

is perfect.

Book Review: In The Belly Of Jonah by Sandra Brannan

Read the book that started it all...

The gruesome, bizarre murder of college student, Jill Brannigan, sets off a series of events to find the serial killer known as "Venus de Milo".   Liv "Boots" Bergen, manager of a limestone mine, becomes an unknowing amateur sleuth as she is swept into the investigation to track and find this killer. His murders have hit too close to home for Liv, and she is willing to do anything to bring him down. Streeter Pierce is an FBI agent who leads the investigation. He is impressed with the clues Liv has unearthed that have gotten him closer to finding the identity of the killer.  Time is running out, however, and both their lives are in danger. Which one of them will be the killer's next target?
I loved this suspenseful, mystery/thriller, In The Belly of Jonah, very much because author Sandra Brannan gets the reader right into the action in each chapter.  You feel you are solving the crime, along with Liv and the detectives. But, …