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10 Writing Hooks To Catch The Reader

Writing Class Notes: Beginning Hooks - Strategies to use to catch your reader's attention. This is a post from my former blog "The Writer Today".  I have added some new examples of beginning hooks from my favorite authors. 
1. Begin with a simile or a metaphor.
My life has been a carnival. My family is like an open book.
NEW:  Her bones were as delicate as Belleek china, her skin like ancient parchment stretched thin over aged, sinewy muscles formed during a life working the ranch. -Widow's Might by Sandra Brannan
2. Begin with a question.
Who is the greatest athlete of all times?
NEW: How on earth could I have let them talk me into it? - The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George
3. Begin with a definition.
Amiable is the best way to describe my personality: I am friendly and caring. Perfect is the best adjective to describe me: I am flawless in every aspect of my life.

4. Begin with a quotation.
“Learn to laugh” is something my kindergarten teacher told me after Ralph …