BOOK REVIEW: Standing On A Whale by B.J. Tiernan

Lance Stavros is a doctor, who is an emotionally unavailable loner, with a death wish. He refuses to delve into the "skeletons in the closet" that keep him from living a fulfilled life. His solution is to end it all by committing suicide, yet he lacks the guts to do it. On his 47th birthday, he finally has it all planned out, but fate interferes, as a phone call summons him to make a house call to a mystic named Hadden. Hadden is an empathic, spiritually charged individual who lectures on the philosophies of life. He is perceived as a threat by city officials, who will stop at nothing to see him dead. Lance is pulled into a web of intrigue and murder, yet he is determined to protect Hadden's life, even while risking his own.

Hadden becomes a mentor and father figure to Lance. He enlightens Lance by leading him to face his inner fears and demons, as well as find his inner peace and sanctuary. We clearly see Lance's transformation as he discovers the true meaning of friendship, caring, and love. Hadden is instrumental in Lance's new outlook on life and his purpose in it.

Standing On A Whale is a true gem.  B.J. Tiernan combines the elements of mystery, suspense, romance and psychological thriller into an unforgettable story. Her writing style is descriptive, engaging and intense. She brings the characters to life and moves the story, effortlessly, from chapter to chapter. B.J. not only gives you an enjoyable read, but she weaves in some life points along the way. These may lead to your own journey of self-discovery and transformation.  I highly recommend this book.

Some of my favorite quotes from Standing On A Whale:
1. "You must choose your own path and craft your own course."
2. "Love is such a misunderstood idea-only a handful can grasp it."
3. "Transformation is unbecoming who you've been up to now."
4. "It is impossible to open up to new ideas while holding on tightly to old ones."
5. "Life is a mystery, a splendid, wondrous dance."
6. "Only my books are important."
7. "Ultimately you must surrender to life."


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