8 Types of Fiction

Writing Class Notes: 8 Types Of Fiction

I was enlightened, when I took a writing class, as to the many types of fiction there are to read, as well as write.  They are based on word count mostly.  For me, it is a good resource to keep in mind since I have a romance story I want to write in the future. In reading the description of each type of fiction, I am leaning toward it being a novella or short story.  

Novel - An extended piece of fiction, normally at least 40,000 words long. Most novels have multiple characters, a central plot building up to an important climax near the end, and two or more subplots.

Novella - A mid-length work of fiction, shorter than a novel but longer than a short story - typically between 20,000 and 35,000 words. A novella normally has some complexity in plot and characterization, but has fewer characters than a novel and may lack subplots. Also known as the short novel.

Short Story - A short work of fiction, usually under 20,000 words. It is traditionally based on a single plot, event, character, or set of characters, and typically leads quickly to a climax and resolution.

Short-short Story - A very brief story, usually 1,500 words or less. Most short-shorts are based entirely on a simple plot and end in a surprise, irony, or joke.

Vignette - A brief piece of fiction that vividly depicts or describes a person, place, or event. Vignettes need not (and typically do not) have a climax or much plot. Also called slice of life.

Prose Poem - A very brief piece of fiction, usually under 500 words, that emphasizes imagery, rhythm, and other elements of poetry.

Anti-Story - A Work of fiction that takes the form of an essay or other non-fiction work. Examples: Jorge Luis Borge's "Funes, The Memorious" and Woody Allen's "The Irish Genius."

Novelette - Not a literary form at all, but simply a designation used by some magazines for short stories longer than 7,500 or 10,000 words.

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What type of fiction do you prefer reading and/or writing?


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