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Faith Without Borders Devotional 1. Book Release : Fall, 2015 2. Cover Art by Maria Tusa. 3. Title name was inspired by the song,  Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by HillSong United . 4. Part of the proceeds from this book will benefit the ministry and future City Center project of The Lighthouse Church ( ) 5. Influences in writing this book: God, the Bible, T.D. Jakes ,  Joyce Meyer and C.S. Lewis . 6. The idea to write this book came when I was attending a service at my local church. I was inspired to share my testimony about God's grace with others through a devotional. 7. Why I care: I care about and love people, especially those that are broken, suffering and hurting. I care to tell them not to give up, that troubled times do not last forever, and that you can rise to your feet again. Hope is not lost, it just has to be found.  I care to tell you to trust God because He is powerful, He loves you and He is with you always. I am proof of that.