A "Writing" Twist

I played around with some familiar quotes/phrases and added variations of the word "write" to give them a twist:

1. It is writing time somewhere
2. Please do not stop the writing
3. Show me the writer
4. All you need is writing
5. Writer on Board
6. To write or not to write, that is the question
7. Just Write It!
8. Silence of the Writer
9. The Good, The Bad and The Writer
10. You are what you write
11. Everybody loves a writer
12. So you think you can write
13. Hooked on writing
14. America's Next Top Writer
15. Who Wants To Be A Writer?
16. Rise and write!
17. Where there is a will, there is a writer
18. To have and to write, from this day forward
19. Follow your writer
20. You just have to put pen to paper and write
21. Not now, I have to write
22. Frankly, my dear, I just need to write
23. Love means never having to stop writing
24. I have a head for business, and a pen to write
25. May the writing be with you
26. What we have here is failure to write
27. The day I cease to write, is the day I cease to exist
28. E. T. write home
29. The stuff that writers are made of
30.  I am mad as hell, and I am not going to write anymore
31. Write. Just write.
32. Show me your writing
33. If you write it, a book will come
34. I see writers everywhere
35. You had me at "Writer"
36. There's no crying in writing
37. As God as my witness, I will never stop writing again
38. I feel the need, the need to write
39. Seize the day, make your writing extraordinary
40. Nobody puts writing in a corner

What quotes/phrases with a "writing" twist can you come up with?


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