For My Beloved Love Poems - Short Video Clip

I am trying my hand at doing short video clips. It is something I have not done before and I find fun to do. This video clip includes excerpts from my upcoming short love poems collection in FOR MY BELOVED.  Stay tuned for more.

Work in Progress: Walk of Faith Journal

Lately, I am fascinated with journals and creating them to publish. I already have Hope Without Borders (Book 2 in the Without Borders Inspirational Series), a reflective journal, and my most recent is A Christmas Journal.  My current work in progress is Walk of Faith - A Spiritual Journal.  Jean Wise wrote a great article on keeping a spiritual journal. The link to her article is here.  
Walk of Faith is a guided inspirational journal with encouraging biblical references, quotes, and questions that prompt reflective thought.  This journal is yours to customize as you wish.  Included are pages for prayer, bible study and thankfulness. My goal is to have this journal published in early 2019, so stay tuned for future updates. 

A Christmas Journal To Remember

The Christmas season is a special time of year, and journaling is a great way to remember time spent with family and friends.  "A Christmas Journal" has blank lined pages to fill with events, activities, and favorite holiday recipe, poem, prayer, or song. Do one for yourself or give as a gift to someone else. Start a new tradition and be inspired to write timeless memories.  Available on Amazon.

The Year I Write A Romance - NaNoWriMo

I am determined this year to write my first Christian Romance, and participating in National Novel Writing Month will help me do just that. I am serious about making this happen, since I have been wanting to write romance for a while. It will be trial and error, but I will get it done. The title for my first romance book is "Unforeseen Love". I used the photo of two author friends of mine: Chad Joseph Thieman and Tina Thieman.  To inspire me as I write, I will be listening to Kendra Dantes on YouTube, she is a fantastic singer with a soothing voice.  May the force be with me.

I Come Alive - Inspired Poetry Series


Five Steps To Writing A Book Review

I have often wondered why it was so hard to get people to write a book review. What is the magic to getting reviews?  Some authors get 30 to 40 reviews the day their book is published. That is such a great start for a book to get noticed, and it goes to great showmanship that the author has supporters that really care to promote the book (s) via social media, besides a review.

I agree with the quote on the image, it is the best way to write a book review of an author's work, as a thank you. A lot of work goes into writing a book, and an author needs their followers to help promote them to others who might be interested in what they write.

A book review  is easy to write, Amazon only requires 25 words or less. There is a lot you can say about the book. A book review can be done in five easy steps:

1.  Caption for the book review - this goes before the body of the review and is the headline for it - use a few words to describe your particular feeling/reaction to the book. For examp…